Upcoming Classes and Workshops February 2012

GET YOUR GAME ON! Workshop with Sheyla Gutierrez
This Wednesday, February 15 at 8:30-9:30 pm
Limited to 8 Working Teams, Unlimited Auditing Spots.
Cost $20 for working spot, $15 for auditing spots

Relationship building and games for motivation. Use play to motivate your dog, and get him more interested in you and in working with you. Learn to identify what gets your dog revved up and excited, and how to use this knowledge to teach him to play with you. Learn how to build up the value of a toy, so your dog is more intrigued with it, and even how to teach your dog to play with a toy. Build up your dog’s play skills so you can use play in training and to turn your dog ON!!!

Students must bring: A HUNGRY dog, treats, bait bag or food pouch, three toys (ideally of equal value), your dogs favorite play thing (even if it is a toilet paper roll!), and a pair of old disposable socks.
6-week “CONTROL UNLEASHED” CLASS with Sheyla Gutierrez
Monday nights at 8:30 pm, starting February 20th (first class will start at 8:15 pm)
Cost: $125 per person. Maximum of 6 students. Pre-enrollment required.

Is your dog uncomfortable or unable to work off lead around other dogs?
Is he easily distracted or can’t seem to concentrate?
Is he reactive, easily aroused, or lacking self-control?
Or do you have a dog who’s anxious, stressed, or shut down?

Leslie McDevitt’s Control Unleashed Program was designed for dogs just like yours. Our class will go over the key notes of the program, and will work through her exercises designed to help these dogs “cope” with the real world. Class will consist of 6 one-hour sessions. Students will need a crate and mat for their station as well as treats. Due to the nature of this class, prospective students will be required to fill out a detailed Student History Form which will be provided by instructor before hand.
6-week BEGINNING AGILITY CLASS with Tracy Hanna
Wednesday nights, 8:30-9:30 pm starting February 22
Cost $110 for 6 weekly one-hour sessions. Maximum of 8 students, pre-enrollment required. Foundations for Agility is a pre-requisite for this class.
Introduces all the agility obstacles in a safe, comprehensive, progressive manner which will build confidence and proficiency as the dog progresses.
WHERE TO GO! – POTTY TRAINING 101 LECTURE with Sheyla Gutierrez
Saturday evening 5:30-7:00 pm on March 3rd
Cost $20
This is a lecture-type workshop, NO DOGS PLEASE!!!! Unlimited Auditing Spots, so please help us spread the word!

Are you having trouble teaching your dog how to “go’ in the proper spot? Does he keep having accidents around the house? Are you not sure about how to train your dog to enjoy his crate or exercise pen and are going crazy with his crying? Is your dog destroying your house and your patience? Are you still undecided between the wee-wee pads and your yard? These and other questions will be addressed in this course. This is a lecture type workshop, NO DOGS PLEASE!!!! We will have an open forum for questions and discussion of house training, so come prepared. We’ll send you home with handouts and give you some demonstrations for a clearer understanding.
Semi-monthly TRICKS CLASS for AGILITY LUNATICS with Sheyla Gutierrez

Other dog-loving lunatics are welcome to attend, but the schedule has been designed to fit in around agility trials.
When: Sundays, at 1:00-2:00 pm scheduled for March 4 & 25, Apr 15 & 29, May 6 & 20

Cost: $100 per person for all six sessions or $90 if you can only make 5 sessions (which 5 you will attend must be noted in advance).
Maximum of 10 students for tricks and drop-ins are welcome unless class is full. Cost for drop-ins is $20 per class.

What: We will be teaching some simple tricks to the dogs. You’ll get to start working on these in class but will have some homework to perfect them. We will have 2 to 3 tricks homeworks per week and will work with a few props as class progresses. We’ll be using clicker training, shaping, marking, capturing and luring. Not all dogs will do the same tricks in class but you’ll get to go home with an idea of how to work on them. Some tricks we could work on: Shake, Wave, Sit up, Weave Through Legs, Jump Into Arms, Stand on Hind Legs, Cross legs, Shame, Roll over, Bang, Spin, Walk Back, etc. We’ll take a vote, and also go from the dog’s preferences. Each person might work something different. Tricks are a great way to teach your dog how to LEARN! You can never go wrong with tricks so there’s no pressure to them – all the better for you both to enjoy!!!

Why: Trick training is a great way to teach your dog “how” to learn; gives you the chance to improve your timing & decision making; builds confidence in the under-confident dog; and channels the energy of over-exuberant dogs into positive behaviors that will delight you & impress your friends.

All classes will be held at Paws in Motion’s indoor, air-conditioned training facility at 8935 SW 129th Street, Miami. Directions are below.
If you’d like to join any of these classes, call or email today as many of these classes have limited enrollment.

Tracy Hanna
Paws in Motion
8935 SW 129 Street, Miami FL 33176


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