Paws In Motion Adventures 4-24-12

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Today we welcomed Straya the American Bulldog to our Paws In Motion Adventure Day. Joining her were Higgins the Poodle, Bruno the Boxer, Satya the Bulldog, Kohengi the Chinese Crested, Sammy the Cattle Dog Mix, Cooper the Golden, Ellie the Jack Russell, and the Cavalier Twins Bella and Sinbad.  Because we have two new Explorers that need slow introduction to the pack, and some of our regulars who could use some positive experiences in new environments, today’s focus was socialization, practicing loose leash walking, and building good pack relationships by enjoying a relaxed group walk in the company of their peers.

For lots of socialization and exposure to sounds and new sights, few places are as effective and accessible as strip malls.  They provide exposure to new people, and a variety of sounds from traffic, carts, automatic doors, cafe chairs, strollers, even people in scooters, bikes, skates.  It was a new place to practice their basic behaviors with distractions, and to enjoy some attention from strangers.  We visited the Suniland Shopping Center on South Dixie Highway and basically just sat in the cafe, relaxed on their benches and strolled in front of the stores, with the dogs.  Everyone had something to say about the nice dogs hanging around the stores and laying nicely by our feet!  Each dog got some one-on-one training time to practice their obedience and make some positive associations.

From there, we headed to the city buildings of the Village of Palmetto Bay.  They have BEAUTIFUL grounds, a lake (no swimming, fishing or boating allowed on account of the crocodile!), with paths and trails.  Dogs are allowed on the grounds as long as they are on leash, and we had some wonderful pack walks with our Explorers, to enjoy the sights.  The wildlife was pretty surprising: we got to see everything from crabs and turtles, to fish and even a huge crocodile!  The mosquitoes were quite horrible, so for the future, we’ll need to remember to pack the repellent spray 🙂  Still, it was the perfect day for nature walks, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

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