Paws In Motion Adventures 5/1/12

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Joining us for Adventures today were Flash the Schnauzer, Millie the Ridgeback Mix, Straya the American Bulldog, Satya the Bulldog, Bruno the Boxer, Ellie the Jack Russell, Cooper the Golden, Kohengi the Chinese Crested, Sinbad and Bella the Cavaliers, Sammy the Cattle Dog Mix and Higgins the Poodle.

The weather having been so bad the whole week, we expected rain for Adventure Day, but ended up having a really nice morning.  We headed out with a group of our Explorers to the dog park at Mayor Roscoe Warren Municipal Park.  The place is brand new, and is perfect for a fun outing.  The dog park has separate large dog and small dog enclosures, complete with agility equipment!.  The dogs had a chance to play and explore and meet some new dogs and people.

Regrettably, we got rained out, so we headed back to Paws In Motion to execute our “Rain Day Plan”….indoor play and romp and Dog Agility training! Agility is a sport where dog and handler must move through an obstacle course, in a race against time.  Obstacles include Jumps, Tunnels, Ramps, Dog Walks, Weave Poles, Tire and a Teeter Totter.

The Explorers all got to experience the beginning stages of Teeter Totter training.  Some really caught on fast, others needed a bit more encouragement.  Those Explorers already acquainted with Agility, did some ore advanced exercises, practicing with distractions and working for the enjoyment and to encourage speed.

After the agility training, they all had an extra play session indoors, and away from the rain 🙂 It was really great to see some of our newer Explorers, easing into the games and routine, and some of our more nervous ones gaining confidence and joining in the play.

A great Rain Day Adventure!

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