Paws In Motion Adventures 5/15/12

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We welcomed three new Explorers to our Adventures today: housemates Charlie the Black Labrador Retriever and Annie the Lab Mix, and young Abull the American Bulldog, litter-mate to Kaine who visited us last week.   They joined Bruno the Boxer, Satya the English Bulldog, Higgins the Poodle, Straya the American Bulldog, Cooper the Golden, Sonny the Rat Terrier, Ellie the Jack Russell, Sammy the Cattle Dog Mix, along with Sinbad and Bella the Cavaliers.

The day started perfectly overcast if a bit humid, so we decided to revisit the Village of Palmetto greens with our Explorers.  The morning group, had a nice stroll on the bike path around the lake, practicing loose leash walking, and stopping to enjoy the sights and the beautiful flowers. We practiced walking in pairs, and some of our newest Explorers got a chance to work one-on-one with our trainers.

The afternoon group took a different path of the Village through a more wooded area, walking in bigger teams of three or four.  We managed to beat the downpour, and give Explorers some fun exercise.  It path was very dense, but well cared for, nice and shady, and wide enough for everyone to feel comfortable.

The fresh air, the sights, the company of their peers and the guidance of their Expedition Leaders. There really is no better way to build pack relationships than to enjoy a stroll in the park, and the Village greens are really a marvelous place to do it. They have some wonderful paths, plenty of parking space, Frisbee golf baskets, beautiful flowers, and fascinating wildlife.  It really is a fun place to enjoy an invigorating stroll with your canine partner.  We really suggest you try it sometime!

From there, it was back to Paws in Motion for our afternoon training session.  The topic for the day: Canine Good Citizen review!  Paws in Motion will be offering the AKC’s CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification test this Sunday, May 20th from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. Because of this, we decided to run our Explorers through a review of the exercises involved in the test. There are 10 separate tests in the CGC:

1-Accepting a friendly stranger
2-Sitting politely for petting
3-Appearance & Grooming
4-Walking on a loose leash
5-Walking through a crowd
6-Sit & Down on command/Stay in place
7-Come when called
8-Reaction to another dog
9-Reactions to distractions
10-Supervised Separation
Some of our more regular Explorers, who have been with us for a while were able to perform the Test exercises without much help and very well.  Others needed a bit of help.  Whether they had trouble on Dog-on-Dog greetings, or were a bit concerned with the handling, the grooming, the noise and distractions, we took a little extra time to work them through the exercises so they would be successful and have positive experiences. Our hope is that one day, all our Explorers will boast the title of Canine Good Citizen!
A fun filled, and very educational day….all part of another Adventure!!!

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