Paws in Motion Adventure 6/26/12

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We had 15 dogs join us for today’s Adventure!!!  Sammy the Cattle Dog Mix, Tonka the Great Dane, Charlie the Goldendoodle, Sonny the Rat Terrier, Bruno the Boxer, Cooper the Golden, Higgins the Poodle, Satya the Bulldog, Kohengi and Pumba the Chinese Cresteds, Charlie the Black Lab, Annie the Lab Mix, Ellie the Jack Russell, with Bella and Sinbad the Cavaliers.  With this wonderful breezy weather, we decided to visit an old favorite: the Dock at Deering Estate in Old Cutler Road!

It was the perfect day to be out there, with the wind blowing our faces, and lots of kids off on Summer Camp or visiting the dock biking and fishing to provide distractions.  We saw quite a strangers, even some with dogs, had several bikes go past us from the bike path, and practiced our loose leash walking and long stays in some pretty unusual places like the wooden dock (which provides some mild stress and distraction as it rocks slightly with the tides) and posing for photos on the benches.  It was a great outing, and the pups got to practice stays next to each other, and were all quite tired from the walk.

For the afternoon, we headed back to paws for some training sessions and off leash play!  The AC was a blessing as usual, and many of the Explorers took some naps in their crates, to recharge batteries for the playtime 🙂  Some even got to practice some agility exercises!  It was great to be able to mix sizes and personalities – not to mention breeds, again!  Tonka the Great Dane pup is getting HUGE, and we feel, he provides a unique opportunity to many of our Explorers, specially the bigger ones, since its pretty rare for them to see a dog that’s bigger than them 🙂  Tonka is the SWEETEST giant, and so, provides them with a great positive exposure to a dog of this breed.

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