Help needed at Miami Agility trials oct 18-21 2012

The Miami Obedience Club AKC Agility trials will be held next week (Thursday thru Sunday, Oct 18-21) at Tropical Park & it is time to solicit volunteers to help out in the rings.  Training is available and all help will be appreciated!! This is a great opportunity to learn about agility as you’ll have a ring-side seat to watch some great handlers and work with the judges.

Please let me know by email or call (305.251.5867) if you are available to help.  Please include what times available and if you are running your dog, include what classes you are running in.  Just let me know if you like to help early, but not late or vice-versa or any other requests.  We will have the wonderful Varela High school students helping out after school and on the weekend, so we need are most in need of help on Thursday & Friday (10 to 3:30), but help will also be needed tip 6:30 on Thurs & Friday and from 7:30 to 4 on Saturday & Sunday.  I have posted sign-up spreadsheet with approximate times listed to give you an idea of the schedule for each day.  That sign-up sheet can be found at:

You can either sign-up directly on the sign-up sheet or just email or call me with the day(s) and times that you are available & I will put you on the schedule.  If you have already told me when you were available, I will be putting you on the schedule myself, but if you would prefer to do it yourself just send me an email so that I know not to schedule you anywhere else.

For each class worked or course built, we will be passing out tickets good at the food vendor or off future entries.  Also you will get tickets to put your name on & put in the worker raffle for some great prizes, including certificates for future entries.  We will also have drinks on hand to keep our volunteers hydrated.

Thanks in advance for helping keep agility in Miami!

Tracy Hanna
MOC Chief Ring Steward

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