Classes starting this Sunday

Start your dog training year off with a bang!  We have three great classes starting this Sunday, January 4th and two workshops on January 6th:
SUNDAY Classes: 2 weeks each in January & February 
Sunday 2:00 pm: FITNESS & CONDITIONING Starting January 4th & 25th, Feb 8th & 15th
Sunday 3:15 pm: SUPER PUPPY  Starting January 4th  & 25th, Feb 8th & 15th
Sunday 4:30 pm: K9 LIFE SKILLS  Starting January 4th & 25th, Feb 8th & 15th

Tuesday January 6th, 6:00 pm: FANTASTIC FOCUS
Tuesday January 6th, 8:30 pm: TREIBALL (Herding for the City Dog)
If you are interested in getting started in Agility, we are looking for input on whether you’d prefer a Saturday late evening class or a Sunday early evening class.
Read below for descriptions of these classes.  For more information or to enroll in any of these classes or workshops, you can sign-up on-line or contact us at 305.251.5867 or email  Also, here’s a list of other classes & events on the schedule for January:
CGC Tests added on SATURDAY, JANUARY 10TH: 

Saturday January 10th, 2:30 pm: Canine Good Citizen Review (1:30 pm) & Test (2:30 pm) & Community Canine Test (to follow)
Six week classes will start in mid-January:
Tuesday 6:00 pm: CANINE GOOD CITIZEN/THERAPY SKILLS Starting January 20th
Tuesday 7:15 pm: HEAD START PUPPY CLASS Starting January 20th
Tuesday 8:30 pm: CONTROL UNLEASHED Starting January 20th
Saturday 2:00 pm: BASIC OBEDIENCE Starting January 17th
Saturday 4:00 pm: BEYOND BASIC OBEDIENCE STARTING January 17th
Saturday 5:00 pm: LEVEL 3: ADVANCED OBEDIENCE Starting January 17th
Local Agility competitions:
January 9-11: Dog Obedience Club of Hollywood at Davie Rodeo Arena
January 22-25: Miami Obedience Club at Tropical Park
Local Obedience & Rally competition:
January 31-February 1: Dog Obedience Club of Hollywood at Davie Rodeo Arena
FITNESS & CONDITIONING:  Sunday 2:00-3:00 pm. Starting January 4th, continuing Jan 25, Feb 8 & 15. Cost is $85 for the 4 sessions.
Balance and body awareness are key elements for the canine performance athlete.  They also offer valuable lessons for the dog that is insecure with its surroundings and unsure about unfamiliar things.  Whether you have a dog that needs to learn where its rear end starts for agility training or heel work, have a nervous dog that you’d like to help be braver, or simply want to stimulate your dog by playing with unfamiliar equipment, there’s something in this class for you! We will be playing with stools, ladders, balance disks, balance beams, blocks, and anything else we can think of!  This is a good introduction to capturing and shaping behaviors and play with unfamiliar objects.  The difficulty of the exercises will progress week to week, so you & your dog will be stimulated to advance in skill level while building good body awareness, balance skill & core strength.  Instructor: Sheyla Gutierrez, CPDT-KA
SUPER PUPPY/SUPER DOG:  Sunday 3:15-4:15 pm. Starting January 4th, continuing Jan 25, Feb 8 & 15. Cost is $85 for the 4 sessions.
Open to all pups & dogs that have completed a Basic or Puppy class.  This class will work on Focus & Engagement, Tricks, Noise & Motion Challenges, Play/Retrieve Skills, and Proofing of Basic Behaviors.   Instructor: Sheyla Gutierrez, CPDT-KA
K9 LIFE SKILLS:  Sunday 4:30-5:30 pm. Starting January 4th, continuing Jan 25, Feb 8 & 15. Cost is $85 for the 4 sessions.
This class will practice Real Life Scenarios, and work on Proofing Stays, Adding Distance, Polishing Greeting skills, and Loose-Leash Walking.  Instructor: Sheyla Gutierrez, CPDT-KA
FANTASTIC FOCUS: Tuesday, January 6th, 6:00 pm. Cost is $25 for one workshop or both workshops on the same day for $40.
Focus should be about staying connected with you dog and working effectively as a team. It is not only about teaching your dog eye contact but about a mutual awareness and enjoyment of teamwork with your partner. It requires that both members of the team are aware and connected with each other so they are ready to engage at any given time, and that your dog learns to redirect away from distractions so he can focus back to you. And YES at times, it should be about eye contact.  Focus is just like any other skill. It can be taught, developed and reinforced. In this workshop we’ll work on some relationship building exercises, eye contact exercises, and also some interesting challenges to put your teamwork to the test.  Instructor: Sheyla Gutierrez, CPDT-KA
TREIBALL: Tuesday, January 6th, 8:30 pm. Cost is $25 for one workshop or both workshops on the same day for $40.
Treiball, an exciting new dog sport very popular in Europe, is herding for the city dog!  It combines agility, herding, and problem-solving in an energetic ball chase that dogs love! Treiball teaches teamwork, impulse control, attention to hand and verbal signals, and much more! It also provides a good outlet for those energetic dogs and a great way to keep fit for all dogs!  Check out this YouTube video of a 10 year old dog doing some of the beginning steps of Treiball.  Come & learn how to get started in Treiball & you’ll be surprised how it challenges your dog and tires them out!  Instructor: Sheyla Gutierrez, CPDT-KA
To enroll in any of these classes or workshops, you can sign-up on-line or contact us at 305.251.5867 or email  Spaces in all classes are limited, so don’t delay as some classes will fill quickly.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Tracy Hanna
Paws in Motion
8935 SW 129 Street, Miami 33176

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