May & June Agility Workshops

There are spaces available in these 3 upcoming seminars still.
MAY Workshops
Hypercharge your Agility Handling workshop Saturday 2:00-5:00 pm on May 6th
JUNE Workshops
Two Agility seminars with multi-World Team member Barb Davis Sunday June 4th
To enroll in any of the workshops, you can SIGN-UP on-line or contact us at 305.251.5867 or email
Read on for descriptions of these classes:
Hypercharge your Agility Handling! Saturday, May 6th – 2:00 to 5:00 pm


Do you feel like your dog deserves a better handler?  Do you get lost easily on course?  Do you lose that connection with your dog or with the course?  Then this workshop is for you!  You will learn how to improve your connection; Tips for memorizing courses; Decision points; Agility as a highway; which basic cross to use when; and MUCH more!

No matter what level you are working at with your dog, you will learn several tips to immediately improve your agility handling. 

Cost $65 for working spots (limit of 8); $45 for auditing spots.  This workshop is lecture intensive and you can walk the training exercises, so you will get a lot out of auditing!

Instructor: Tracy Hanna

Two Agility seminars with multi-World Team member Barb Davis Sunday June 4th
9:00 am – 12:30 pm Focus on Weaves – only 4 spots left
1:00 – 4:30 pm Focus on Threadles  
Fees:  Working Positions are $90 (limit of 9); Auditing Positions are $50  (limit of 9)

The Focus on Weaves seminar is appropriate for dogs competing at any level (or ready to compete).  The Focus on Threadles Seminar is best suited for handlers wanting to train their dog for Premier or Master Challenge type courses. You do not need to be in Excellent or Masters to be eligible for the either seminar.  If you aren’t sure whether a seminar is right for you, just ask.

Barb Davis Bio:
Barb Davis is a 9 time AKC Agility World Team member with 4 different dogs and has won 9 Agility National Championships with 5 different dogs, 4 shelties and a border collie. Recent events include: Being selected for the 2016 European Open Team, winning 2015 AKC Nationals, and being selected for 2015 World Team. She has recently moved from Spokane, WA to West Palm Beach where she now gives private lessons from home and is also teaching classes in Jupiter. Barb taught Mathematics at a community college for 15 years, her ability to teach and analytic abilities are great assets in success as an agility instructor.


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