CGC/CGCA & Tricks Tests this Saturday

Due to a recent request we have added CGC/CGCA & Tricks Tests to our schedule this Saturday


Canine Good Citizen & Advanced CGC Tests & Trick Dog Tests

When: Saturday, October 30th starting at 2:00 pm (see more info below regarding the schedule.)

Who: Open to any dog*  Where:  Paws in Motion, 8935 SW 129th Street, Miami FL  33176

Cost: CGC/CGCA Tests: $20 Test 

Trick Dog Titles: $15 per test ($5 discount on the Novice test for CGC Title holders) 

*AKC registration is required in order for the CGCA & Trick Dog Title(s) to be recorded by the AKC.  Application for registration can be done after the test(s).  Mixed breeds may be registered as Canine Partners. If your dog is not currently AKC registered, you can learn more about your AKC registration options at

Read below for more information on the test requirements.  

Please reserve your testing spot(s) by emailing


SCHEDULE:2:00 pm CGC & Advanced CGC Tests followed by Trick Dog Testing.  

Once we see how many reservations we receive for the CGC & CGCA tests, we will give you an estimated start time for the Tricks tests.

Test Description:  There are 10 separate tests in the CGC test

1-Accepting a friendly stranger

2-Sitting politely for petting

3-Appearance & Grooming

4-Walking on a loose leash

5-Walking through a crowd

6-Sit & Down on command/Stay in place

7-Come when called

8-Reaction to another dog

9-Reactions to distractions

10-Supervised Separation
For more information on the CGC test visit AKC’s website

Dogs must pass all 10 items of the test to receive the Advanced CGC title.

• Dog stands, sits or lies down and waits under control while the owner:
• Walks on a loose leash in a natural situation (not in a ring) — does not pull.

• Walks on loose leash through a crowd

• Dog walks past distraction dogs present; does not pull.

• Sit — stay in small group (3 other people with dogs).

• Dog allows person who is carrying something (backpack, computer bag, etc.) to approach and pet it.

• “Leave it.” Dog walks by food and follows owner instructions, “Leave it.”

• Down or sit stay — distance (owner’s choice). • Recall with distractions present (coming when called).

• Dog will sit or stand stay (owner’s choice) while owner enters/exits a doorway or narrow passageway.
For more information on the CGCA test visit AKC’s website on CGCA


Saturday October 30th, after the CGC and Advanced CGC Tests:Trick Dog Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Level Tests Cost$15 per test ($5 discount on the Novice test for CGC Title holders) 
The dog performs 10 skills from the Novice list. If a dog has a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate or title on record at AKC, it can do 5 Novice tricks (CGC + 5) to earn the Novice title.

The dog must have the Novice title, plus perform 10 Intermediate tricks.

The dog must have the Intermediate title, plus perform 10 tricks from the Advanced list.Please reserve your testing spot(s) by emailing

We will have the following props available: Jump, Tunnel, Table/Platform, Balance Beam, Seesaw, Weave Poles.  Be prepared to bring any other required props for your tricks.

We will send you more information regarding the Trick Dog Testing details & schedule once you have signed up.You can learn more about the required tricks here –

Tracy Hanna Paws in

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