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Paws In Motion Adventures 4/10/12

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Joining us today were Bruno the Boxer, Kohengi the Chinese Crested, Millie the Ridgeback Mix, Maya the German Shepherd, Satya the Bulldog, Sammy the Cattle Dog Mix, Sinbad the Cavalier and Cooper the Golden.

On this beautifully sunny Tuesday, we decided to take our Explorers on a very special outing…We headed out very early and visited the home of our good friend and fellow trainer Lourdes Edlin out in the Redlands.  It was a GORGEOUS day to be outdoors and Lourdes’s home was the PERFECT place to spend it.  The dogs got the chance to run around in her enormous fenced in yard, and train one on one with Sheyla and Tracy as Expedition Leaders. They got to experience the sounds and sights out in the agricultural area, listen to Lourdes Moluccan Cockatoo bird, which provided some hilarious commentary to our training session as well as the occasional high pitch cry and whistle. They also met Lourdes’ new pet duck “Lucky-A Duck”, her newest rescue, who has already started her career in clicker training with Lourdes’ son.  A few Explorers even caught a glimpse of Chloe the pig!  Quite the unique Adventure Day, though we certainly hope to repeat our visit there!!!

With all that wide open space, we decided to spread out and train some restrained recalls.  Restrained Recalls are tremendously fun – they teach the dog to respond to their “Come” command, to enjoy moving after you and coming to you, and of course, provide a wonderful and positive outlet for excess energy.  The dogs all caught on very quickly to the game and enjoyed it immensely!  We had a lot of fun running around with them, and playing with some fun camera angles for photos and videos.  Sheyla and Tracy got quite the workout trying to outrun the dogs 😀

After each training session, we let the dogs try out the water trough, and thought it was the perfect day to capture some candid photos and portraits.  Sheyla had a lot of fun trying to capture different shots of our explorers, and Tracy worked really hard on getting them to stay and pose.  Because one of our Explorers, Maya the German Shepherd, is extremely camera shy we let the dogs play and focused on getting some long distance shots of her enjoying her Adventure. The results far exceeded our expectations!  Maya is 10 years young, and a fairly recent cancer survivor – to see her running around with her sister Millie and the rest of the campers was quite the treat for us!

The title of “Most Improved” today will be shared by two Explorers: Bruno the Boxer and Sammy the Cattle Dog Mix.  Bruno had his very first fully off leash play session today with the whole team of Explorers and Sammy has just learned so much in the past few weeks that he’s truly behaving like the perfect gentleman we all knew was in there somewhere 🙂 Satya Apple the Bulldog earns the title of most “Photogenic” as she truly seems to get the fact that you need to strike a pose for the camera.  Kohengi the Crested earns the title of “Crazy Hair” which we all know is quite an accomplishment for a supposedly hairless dog!  Mr. Cooper the Golden would like to be known as “Fabio” from now on, and is in plans of launching his modeling career after taking a page from the book of said model and perfecting the move of waving his golden mane around, while still managing to look like the perfect stud Ms. Millie thinks he is.  Millie and Maya are truly our “Sisters of the Heart” – these two girls are always keeping an eye on each other, and are really the happiest when they can be together.  Finally the surprise of the day was Sinbad the Cavalier, our “All Purpose Foof” – whoever has dared to say that Cavaliers are “foo-foo dogs” has obviously never met Sinbad (or some of the other amazing specimens of this breed!).  This little boy is truly a working dog, and in true farm dog fashion, took us by complete surprise when he jumped right in the water tub to cool off!

Lots of pictures, lots of videos, lots of smiles, lots of laughs, lots of sun, lots of water, new sights, new sounds, new ADVENTURES!!!!!  Thank you Lourdes for the opportunity and invitation to have fun with our campers at your wonderful place!

Paws In Motion – Simple Tricks Class 4/8/12

Our first Simple Tricks Class has come to an end.  Everyone came to the last session ready to show off tricks and to work out a few kinks on some others.  Due to the Easter Holiday, many of our students were not present that day.  We hope to be able to tape them soon, so they can be added to this page!  Please share and, of course, let these students know what you think of their efforts – who knows, you might get a LIVE show 🙂

Paws in Motion Adventures 4/3/12

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We had a very busy Adventure day!  Starting with the customary play sessions in which we successfully introduced Higgins the Standard Poodle off leash and off muzzle, even with a few of the small dogs around!  Joining us for the first time was Mixed Breed Millie’s sister: Maya the German Shepherd!  It was again a full day with 10 Explorers to join in our adventure.  We had Cooper the Golden, Millie the mix, Maya the German Shepherd, Flash the Mini Schnauzer, Tippy the Mix, Sabine the Border Collie Mix, Higgins the Poodle, Satya the Bulldog, Bruno the Boxer and Sinbad the Cavalier.

After a fun and energizing morning play session, the first group of Explorers headed out for the morning field trip.  The morning group consisted of Higgins, Cooper, Flash, Tippy, Sabine, Satya and Sinbad.  This group visited Fuch’s Park in the City of South Miami.  The plan was to expose them to lots of real world distractions, and test our group stays that were worked on last week.  The morning group was split in two teams: the Large dogs and the Little dogs.  Each Team worked stays as a group, and also had practice walking together on leash in a larger group.  Though the park was pretty silent, there were a few visitors, a lady with an umbrella and another with a stroller, to provide some mild distractions.  There were also birds, and ducks floating in the pond, not to mention traffic noise from nearby US 1.  The dogs performed above and beyond, staying in position calmly and walking nicely on leash in a group.  Even the younger dogs in the Little dog group did well with the distractions!

Back at Paws in Motion, we switched the Large Dog group for Millie, Maya and Bruno and headed out to Sunset Drive & Red Road.  There we walked along the stores and practiced loose leash walking in a different, yet just as distracting, environment.  The dogs posed for pictures by water fountains, walked across streets, waited calmly at pedestrian crossings and were exposed to many strangers.  The first group: Millie, Maya and Simbad, got to go into the mall and see some of the stores.  The second group: Bruno, Satya and Flash, visited The Dog from Ipanema store were they got lots of kisses and attention, and of course did some shopping!  Both outings were a success and showed how much our Explorers have learned and how well they are working.  It was great exposure, specially for the younger dogs in the pack.

To finish off the day, we worked on toy drive, retrieving, bringing the toy to hand and releasing it, as well as taking and holding different objects.  Each dog worked individually with one of our trainers, some started off with simple hand touches, others did more advanced exercises.  All worked at their own level, using clicker training and treats.  By the end of the day, many had successfully tugged on a toy, or retrieved it from a few steps away.  A great beginning to what could become a wonderful game with their owners!!!!