Fees and policies

Six-week classes like Tricks, Foundations for Agility, Puppy, Beginning Agility, Obedience & Control Unleashed are considered “limited term” classes.  These classes cost $100-$125 for 6 fifty-minute sessions.



Advanced level Agility classes are considered “continuing group classes”.  Each member of a continuing group class can expect to have 11 class sessions scheduled per quarter (approximately 3 months.)

A calendar of all scheduled classes will be made available at the beginning of each quarter.

-Cost for all 11 classes is $195

-Cost for 8 of the 11 classes is $160.

The 8 classes must be used within the quarter purchased. Unused classes will not rollover to the following quarter.

-Students that wish to attend less than 8 classes in a quarter may do so for $22 per session.

-A $10 late fee will apply to any payments received after the 14th day of the quarter.



As long as a student gives 24 hours (preferably 48 hours) notice of a missed class, there are 2 options for making up a class. Emergency situations may be allowed a make-up class but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Option 1: If there is another class during that week or another week that the student can attend that is at an equivalent level, the student is welcome to do so with the permission of the instructor(s) of both classes.

Option 2: The student may attend an agility run-thru class, rally or obedience drill class as a make-up.  Students are only eligible for these sessions with the permission of the instructors(s). Agility run-thrus are scheduled .  Obedience Prep classes & Rally run-thrus are held most Saturday mornings at 10:30 & 11:30 respectively.



1 – 2 people: $70 per hour session 3 or more people:$80 per hour $40 per half-hour session The length of an hour session is 50 minutes and a half-hour session is 25 minutes. Clients who have a regular session scheduled each week may purchase 4 hour classes at a time for $240, or 4 half-hour classes for $140.

Cancellation Policy for private sessions : Since time for private sessions is usually in highdemand, cancellations for privates will be charged half the price of the session when less than 36 hours notice is given.  Emergency exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.



$40 per hour when specific equipment set-up is required: Otherwise $20 for half-hour, $35 for an hour,  $45 for 90 minutes, $60 for 2 hours, $25 per hour for 3 hours or more.  Hour rentals are 55 minutes in length and all equipment must be left as found, otherwise the higher rate will apply.  Prices current as of 2/15/12 and are subject to change.

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